Why Businesses choose G Suite or Office 365

Change Management We often will have discussions with customers around change management. Generally, companies that are looking to move to […]

Top 5 Gmail Features Damson Cloud

The Top 5 features to know about when switching from Outlook to Gmail.

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZbn74OGN4M&feature=youtu.be VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: "Hey. This week we are covering the five top features to know about when switching from [...]

Your Office in the Cloud – Seminar Laois

  The cloud is everywhere these days.  We all use the cloud almost every day whether we realise it or not. […]

7 new Office 365 features in 2017

It’s been a busy start to 2017 for Office 365. Everything from new Mac apps to employee scheduling became generally […]

New OneDrive capability for Office 365

Office 365 doesn’t represent the number of days you need to spend working; rather, it’s a productivity and collaboration-enhancing software […]

Skype launches new communication hub

Skype as a desktop communication tool is largely popular with consumers and businesses alike, yet its mobile app leaves much […]

Sharing business data: SharePoint/OneDrive

Office 365 comes with a variety of storage and sharing options that promise to make life easier and more productive […]

How Microsoft plans to streamline updates

Updating Microsoft’s Windows 10 to the next major patch can be a time-consuming and computer-slowing endeavor. However, Microsoft has diligently […]

O365’s newest machine learning functions

Everyone has heard of machine learning, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. Although it’s extremely complicated, it can […]

Office-wide Windows migrations, made easy

Despite a varied range of software such as Office 365 and Azure, Windows remains Microsoft’s darling. And although the most […]

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