Digital Workspace Solution With Happeo

What is a Digital Workspace? Looking back to the late 1990s, the concept of an ‘intranet’ brings back memories of […]

Why Businesses choose G Suite or Office 365

Change Management We often will have discussions with customers around change management. Generally, companies that are looking to move to […]

Google’s Advanced Protection Program for Enterprise

Blog post announcing the Advanced Protection Program for Enterprise https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2019/07/advanced-protection-program-enterprise.html Google’s Advanced Protection Program website https://landing.google.com/advancedprotection/ VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION BELOW Hi […]

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Google and Citrix Expand Alliance to Deliver Cloud-Based Applications

Google and Citrix have been working together since 2010 to manage Android deployments and deliver applications to devices running Chrome […]

Gartner Names Google a Leader in Content Collaboration

Google has long been a pioneer of online collaboration platforms, allowing businesses with employees and partners all over the world […]

Google Extends its Auto-Provisioning Support

The enterprise IT environment is not getting any simpler. Even with the rapid shift towards cloud computing platforms and services, […]

Improve Security and Access Control with Google Cloud Identity

Possibly the largest PR hurdle for cloud technology is over security and access control. As long as IT administrators are […]

Google’s Jamboard Now Available

For the eighth time in 11 years, Google has been rated the best company in the world to work for, […]

Interview with AODocs CEO and founder Stéphane Donzé at Google Next London

We ran into AODocs CEO and founder Stéphane Donzé at Google Next London and got to learn more about their […]

Google Extends Partnership with SAP

Back in March 2017, Google announced its new partnership with German software giant SAP. The aim of this strategic partnership […]

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