Google Slides Tutorial Blog

Ru’s Google Slides Tutorial

The uptake of Google tools in homes, classrooms and workplaces across the world has been huge over recent weeks, and […]

Video Conference Etiquette Blog 1

Video Conference Etiquette 101

In today’s digital marketplace, video conferencing is huge. According to Lifesize, approximately 87% more people choose to use video conferencing […]

cloudshed remote working training blog

Talking Training with the Cloudshed Team

This week, Damson Cloud CEO Fintan Murphy was lucky to grab a chat with the team at Cloudshed in their […]

G Suite Team Drive Year in Review Damson Cloud

G Suite Year in Review 2018

This week I wanted to do our 2018 Year in Review for G Suite. I was hoping to do this last month but I guess it’s better late than never…

G Suite Team Drive Damson Cloud

Team Drive versus My Drive

Hi everybody. Fintan Murphy here from Damson Cloud. This week I wanted to talk about Team Drive, and specifically the difference between a Team Drive and My Drives…

G Suite Example Image Damson Cloud

G Suite announcements from Google Next 2018

With over 100 updates from the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, it is hard to keep track all [...]

How Dropbox Smart Sync Saves Space and Streamlines Cloud Productivity

Although cloud computing can undoubtedly benefit businesses, it has often had an awkward relationship with desktop computing. Fortunately, technology is […]

Interview with AODocs CEO and founder Stéphane Donzé at Google Next London

We ran into AODocs CEO and founder Stéphane Donzé at Google Next London and got to learn more about their […]

App Building – The next frontier for Cloud Productivity Suites

Ten years ago if you’d asked someone what apps they were using at work you could well have been met […] enjoy more productive meetings

When run effectively and with an objective in mind, company, departmental, managerial or even one-on-one meetings can result in big […]

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