Strapped-for-time IT Manager

Your legacy IT infrastructure is becoming a growing problem, and you worry about its increasing complexity. Over the last few years, it’s grown organically along with your company. Because of this, it’s becoming harder to maintain, and is requiring longer hours from both you and your staff.

Instead of staying current with advances in the IT field and planning your organisation’s future technology strategy, you’re spending more and more time simply “keeping the lights on.” If nothing is done to resolve this time crunch soon, you fear the day may come when you struggle to even accomplish this.

You dream of having the time to complete the tasks you set out to do at the beginning of each day, instead of being distracted by high priority requirements and maintenance issues that constantly bubble up. You didn’t get into this industry to fight fires all the time. You want to create a smooth IT infrastructure that will benefit the whole organisation and lead to more growth and success.

Despite your struggles, the cloud has caught your interest. You think it can simplify your IT system, but you have concerns that the transition may create more change than your users can handle, and as a result will cause massive downtime. Even worse, you fear that it may not integrate with the technology you rely on, which could result in a cloud transition that becomes a wasted investment.

Damson Cloud is your cloud partner through your transition and beyond

Damson Cloud offer best of breed cloud solutions that simplify your IT infrastructure. Since 2009, we've helped hundreds of organizations seamlessly transition their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud with zero downtime.

To alleviate your concerns about user adoption, we offer training to get staff up to speed quickly. We teach you how to use the cloud. And if you ever have a question or bump into a problem, simply pick up the phone and our friendly technical support team will quickly resolve any issues you face.

Best of all, Damson Cloud is not here to simply implement your cloud technology and disappear. We’re here to partner with you for the long haul and help you utilise cloud technology to your organisation’s greatest benefit throughout implementation and years afterward.

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