Features & Benefits

Our cloud technology solutions are loaded with the features and benefits you need to gain a maximum return on your investment. See what Damson Cloud’s cloud solutions can offer you below.


Managed Services - Damson Cloud can provide your organisation with a comprehensive solution for your new cloud technology that includes proactive support, planning and consultation.

Email & Spam Protection - for our cloud packages that include email, you’ll be protected from spam, viruses, and other online threats that can slow down productivity and harm your organisation.

Hosted Solutions - Damson Cloud can host the latest applications and software on the market for you. This allows you to avoid the high upfront costs of acquiring new technology, and no longer waste time with management or updates.

Application and Database Development - our custom designed cloud solutions can create tailored applications and databases that give you secure access to your business data from anywhere at anytime.


Efficiency - a fractured IT infrastructure can take up all your time in maintenance. We unify your IT infrastructure in the cloud, which saves time and frees you up to work on more important issues than just “keeping the lights on.”

Transformation & Innovation - enhance every aspect of the way in which your business communicates and collaborates both internally and externally. The cloud is the way of the future and has the ability to transform the workflow and infrastructure of your entire organisation.

Peace of Mind - Damson Cloud provide ongoing support from cloud deployment and all the way through completion and onward. With our friendly and quick-to-respond customer support waiting in the wings to assist you, you gain the peace of mind you need to stop worrying about IT and instead focus on growing your business.

Simplification - if you’re using outdated technology, it can become increasingly complex to maintain and operate. Damson Cloud’s cloud solutions streamline your IT systems for easy use and less headaches.

Growth - with the ability to increase both efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and eliminate downtime, cloud computing is packed with benefits that can spur your organisation’s growth.

Freedom - access your data, share and edit documents, and enable your staff to collaborate easily from anywhere at anytime. With Damson Cloud’s cloud solutions, you can unleash your organisation’s true potential and reach new heights of productivity.

Lower Costs - with more efficient cloud technology in place, you’ll be able to phase out clunky, dated technology that costs hours of time to maintain, and eats into your electricity bills.

Security - for other IT providers, the cloud is just one of the many services they have on offer. So it’s easy for them to fall behind with cloud security developments. Damson Cloud, however, is 100% focused on cloud computing - that’s all we offer. So you can feel confident that we implement the latest security technology and are proactive in monitoring online threats.

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